Among its many accomplishments — the iPhone, the iPad, iTunes, the App store — Apple can now boast of one more: It was briefly worth more than $2 trillion, making it the first company in the United States to reach that milestone.

Photo by: Macrumors ( Via Instagram)

The iPhone maker’s stock hit the $2 trillion mark before dipping back slightly below that lofty level. Shares finished the day flat Wednesday. The stock has surged almost 60% this year and is at an all-time high. Apple (AAPL), currently trading at nearly $465 a share, is about to become more affordable for average investors to purchase, too.

The company’s stock will split four-for-one at the end of the month, which will cut the price of a single share to about $116. The value of Apple remains the same since the company will simply have more shares trading at a lower price.

Apple reached the $2 trillion mark just over two years after passing the $1 trillion level. It took just five months for the stock to more than double after sinking in March. Apple, like many other tech stocks, has roared back to life in that time — even as the economy fell into recession.

Apple’s success has also vaulted CEO Tim Cook into the ranks of billionaires — one of the few CEOs to reach that level without having started the company he leads.

Investors are in love with Apple due to surging sales for subscription services like Apple Music, iCloud, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade. There is also growing excitement about the impending launch of the iPhone 12, which is expected to have 5G connectivity.

Source: CNN